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PELANDUK PUBLICATIONS is one of Malaysia’s leading Independent Publishers. Established in 1984 as a publisher of English-language books on Malaysia specifically and Asia generally for the educational, professional, scientific, technical and consumer markets. Since then, we have developed a list of titles that cross over into many diciplines: politics, history, anthropology, religion, education, language, economics, business and management, culture, self-improvement, child development, women’s studies, law, etc.

We have grown rapidly over the years to become the leading Malaysian general and academic publisher, fully committed to the publishing of quality books. In the pursuit of excellence in publishing, we are constantly reviewing our publishing policy to come out with more reading materials that are not only suitable for the Malaysian and Asian markets but the world market as well.

Our publishing policy is to consider every manuscript we receive. As it is, we are constantly on the lookout to further expand our list through joint publication with other organisations. We will be pleased to hear from those wishing to submit manuscripts or book proposals for review. New publishing proposals are always most welcome.

If you would like to discuss your work with us, please write to us or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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