Selected Speeches Volume 2 (5 Titles) by Dr Mahathir Mohamad
(Volume 2)
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AuthorMahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia
TypeHard Cover
Volume 2 (5 Titles/set)

1. Managing The Malaysian Economy
ISBN: 967 978 736 2
In this collection of speeches, Dr Mahathir shares his thoughts on how certain business practices had become detrimental and anarchic to the world, especially rogue currency traders who wreaked havoc on Asian economies, which lead to the Asian financial crisis of 1997. Three decades of rapid growth in Asia was swiftly and brutally brought to an end by events which Asians had limited control over. He believes that Malaysia's policy of insulating itself behind a firewall of selective capital controls and a fixed exchange rate has defied the odds and jumpstarted the Malaysian economy. The principle of free markets does not necessarily mean than investors must be allowed to trample each other in a stampede.

2. Islam and The Muslim Ummah
ISBN: 967 978 738 9
The Muslim condition today, Dr Mahathir believes, is attributed in part to ignorance and continuing prejudice against Islam and its adherents. However, the Muslims themselves are not absolved from blame. Their predicament is largely of their own doing, a result of their inability to change with the times and, to that extent, their salvation remains largely in their own hands. As the world stands on the cusp of the 21st century, no agenda can be plainer: the basic challenge confronting the Islamic community is to address political and socioeconomic problems and to move beyond rhetoric and become problem-solvers.

3. Politics, Democracy & The New Asia
ISBN: 967 978 739 7
Dr Mahathir decries the West's attempt to foist their values on the rest of the world and calls for a more sincere attempt to understand Asian values and their place in society. He also discourages attempts to view the 21st century as an era of Asian domination. Instead, the new century will be an era of greater interdependence and cooperation amongst nations.

4. Globalisation, Smart Partnership & Government
ISBN: 967 978 737 0
The fundamentals of the new theology, according to Dr Mahathir, are globalisation, deregulation and liberalisation in a borderless world. But like everything else, they must be handled carefully as they are a means, not an end. Globalisation must result in a better life for all. Though the mobility of capital flows across borders is an efficient way of allocating resources globally and to channel them to developing countries, such mobility creates volatility and provides an opportunity for speculative attacks against currencies that threatens the economic stability of countries.

5. Regional Cooperation & The Digital Economy
ISBN: 967 978 740 0
In this collection of speeches written in the 1990s, Dr Mahathir believes that regional and international cooperation for development is both logical and desirable to achieve the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people. However, such cooperation cannot thrive within the ramework of a master-disciple relationship. Instead, it must be predicated upon mutual respect for each country's sovereignty and sensitivities.

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