Chemical Prospecting in the Malaysian Forest
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AuthorEdited by : Ghazally Ismail/Murtedza Mohamed/Laily Bin Din
TypeHard Cover

The Malaysian forest represents the richest of the region's tropical forest but also in serious danger of over exploitation. Its potential as a vast pharmaceutical storehouse has been amply cited by many writers and scientists. The diverse flora it holds offer great abundance of complex biocompounds such as alkaloids, antibiotics, emzymes, hormones and genetic variability that can potentially serve the needs of modern medicine. There is an urgent need at the national level to assess the status of plant-based checmial prospecting research in Malaysia with a view of improving research infrastructural needs and promoting the downstream utilisation of research findings. It is hoped that this book could facilitate such assessment as well as expose the general public to current knowledge and advances in the chemical and bioactivity screening of plants in Malaysia.

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