A Children's History of Malaysia
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AuthorTunku Halim
TypeSoft Cover

"We'll fight to the death," cried Raja Haji, picking up a kris. "Open the gates!"
? ? The Bugis warriors charged with their spears, krises and rifles. Arong Lenga rode on a pony, a spear clutched in one hand. The Dutch were waiting for them and fired. Arong Lenga was shot and fell.
?? Raja Haji screamed in anger, his dagger raised. ??The Dutch fired another volley …

In this exciting book, Malaysia's fascinating history is brought to life. Children will discover the wonders, intrigues, romance and wars of times past. Here, they'll find answers to questions like ...…

  •  Who founded the Melaka Empire?
  •  How did Francis Light get hold of Penang?
  •  Why did Singapore have its own Sultan?
  •  Who were the White Rajahs?
  •  Why did the Dutch give Melaka to the British?
  •  Who were the Ghee Hins and Hai Sans?
  •  Who started the state of Perlis?
  •  Why is Brunei not part of Malaysia?
  •  What is the lost kingdom of Riau-Johor?

"This is a wonderful book which even adults will thoroughly enjoy!"

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