Malaysian Flavours - Insights into Things Malaysian
AuthorLee Su Kim
TypeSoft Cover
Malaysian Flavours, a multicultural cocktail of a book, gives you delicious insights into the Malaysian psyche and the peculiar ways of its society. It captures, through amusing asides and deft observations, the quirks and idiosyncrasies of Malaysians. It entertains, provokes and leaves you with a warm feeling about all things Malaysian. By looking at the way Malaysian live, eat, drive and speak, unsavoury traits, cross-cultural infractions, remembrance of things past, to the nostalgic memory of watching her grandmother dress, the author captures the essence of being Malaysian. A must-read for all those who have been touched by the Malaysian way of life. If you need one book that captures the essence of what it is to be Malaysian, this is it. Reviewed by New Straits Times "... a delicious rojak of comments on the invention of Malaysian English, personal opinion about various not-necessarily-savoury Malaysian traits, nostalgic memories of the past as well as a quick look at the lifestyle trends of today." Reviewed by The Sun "This is not a cookbook - but it does have all the ingredients that are bound to leave you sighing with satisfaction." Reviewed by Journal One "Lee has written a very important book for Malaysians... She has captured the mood, the lifestyle, the beauty and clumsiness of everyday Malaysian living." Reviewed by The Malaysian Mirror "Lee's Malaysian Flavours makes us laugh, perhaps even cry, and it makes us remember."
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