Malaysian Culture Shiok
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AuthorFang & Lum
TypeSoft Cover

Fang! first appeared on the pages of Her World, a leading Malaysian women's magazine, and has stubbornly refused to go away ever since. He has insulted almost everyone he can think of - and apologises to those he heas not, writing about things Malaysian don't know, wouldn't know and definitely won't admit to knowing about themselves.

Lum, drawing from a twisted imagination caused by a frustrated desire to be a sex symbol (foiled by an untimely receding hairline caused, no doubt by sabotage from envious and less well - endowed rivals) has added his own perspectives to the Malaysian condition./p>

Now, for the very first time, a collection of Fang! bites, illustrated by Lum, about Malaysians and things uniquely Malaysians. The truth, if truth be told, is not out there, but within. /p>

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