Templer Park
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AuthorN. Gangadharan
TypeHard Cover

While familiar landmarks for millions of Malaysians dot here and there as welcome retreats away from the hurry and scurry of city life, Templer Park stays only in vague memory of elders as the first ever park in the then Federation of Malaya that was carved out of secondary and thick jungle with a definite purpose


This book takes a trip dwon memory lane, and the author who managed the Park for over 31 years, conducts you step by step into the Parks history, besides providing a brief glimpse of the rich flora and fauna that the Park is famous for.

In the annals of natural parks, this peoples heritage occupies a special place, unmatched by any others due to its colourful origin.

With photographs that are half a century old, depicting the opening ceremony and others that are of recent times, the book should go down well with those who have a penchant for history.



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