Wow Mom: A Gift for the Fun Mom
$ 8.00
AuthorVasanthi Ramachandran
TypeSoft Cover

This isn't a book on how to be a mom. If you've picked this up from the parenting aisle, please do this book a favour and put it back on the "Isn't it funny how ..." shelf situated on the "Wouldn't it be nice if ..." aisle. Though the author does pepper her musings with some actual facts and a history lesson or two regarding the rights of women, it mostly revolves around her riveting tenure as a mom and the thoughts of her circle of 932 mom friends. WowMom is about the Mom who is forever young.

Vasanthi Ramachandran has a passion for life and all it has to offer, especially in being a mother. A speaker and a columnist, she sits on the National Family Development Board, enthusiastic about redefining the limits of motherhood. This is her second book on parenting, in succession to And the Winner is ... in 1999.

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