As It Is ...An Ode to ao decade of hidden issues
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AuthorVasanthi Ramachandran
TypeSoft Cover

The author has deliberated over cups ofo late night coffees to give you a reality check on the nation's affairs and to recap on how the decade 1995-2005 has shamelessly defined us. In case you missed out on the real issues over those spectacular years, read on ....

Vasanthi Ramachandran is regular newspaper columnist, has written hundreds of articles in the New Straits Times and Sunday Mail. She sits on the National Family dEvelopment Board and is involved in publishing books for the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Devlelopment. Her earlier books are And The Winner is...(1999) published by Universiti Putra Malaysia and WOW MOM: A Gift for the Fun Mum (2005) by Pelanduk Publications. She is presently dedicated to the cause of single mothers and is an advisor on several committess that address women's issues.

This book is highly recommended for academic courses on critital thinking, logical reasoning and language arts and has covered serious Malaysian issues on education, politics, war, schiece, youth and women's issues with her own curious and interesting style.

Prof. Dr John Philips

University of Malaya

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