A GuideTo Philosophy:
AuthorSyed Ali Tawfik al-Attas
TypeSoft Cover

Ath+r al-D+n al-Mufad%d%al ibn Umar al-Abhar+ al-Samarqand+ (d. 663/1265) is one of those philosophers who lived during a time when Islamic Aristotelianism was still at its height despite al-Ghazzl+s severe criticism. His well known book the Hidyat al-H&ikmah is indeed A Guide to Philosophy in the true sense; but in this case Aristotelianism as understood and interpreted by the philosophers in the Muslim lands is what is meant by philosophy. In order to appreciate Abhar+s contribution to the development and dissemination of Aristotelianism in the Muslim world, a study of the Hidyat al-H&ikmah is very significant. Therefore this study is timely and will fill a gap in the history of Islamic philosophy. Abhar+s work, the Hidyat al-H&ikmah is a summary of the Islamic Aristotelian system, and as such, its aim is not to defend Ibn S+n against Ghazzl+s critique; rather, it is intended to be a textbook. For this reason, the first part of the book in particular was a standard textbook in the traditional madrasah education system throughout the Muslim world. The present study is not a mere translation; it offers a rich source material both on Abhar+ and his works, but particularly on the Hidyat al- H&ikmah.

A Guide to Philosophy: The Hidyat al-H&ikmah of Ath+r al-D+n al-Mufad%d%al ibn Umar al-Abhar+ al-Samarqand+ is the first study in this area and is the first translation into English. It will reveal later philosophical thought in Islam especially following Ghazzl+s critique of Aristotelian philosophy, thus enabling scholars to appreciate later developments.

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