Coffee Break Tales 2 - A Sequel
AuthorYeoh Gim Suan
TypeSoft Cover
<>This book is a collection of short stories centered around domestic issues and social norms that touch the lives of so many in our society today. Each story reveals how members of the family react to various circumstances that affect their lives./

Amidst family squabbles, skeletons in the cupboard, love triangles, laughter and tears, the author keeps you glued to the book from the beginning to the end of each story.

The stories are humorous, melancholic and instructive. You may catch a glimpse of yourselves, someone you know in any one of the tales... Chan Kit Sit (Retired Teacher), Recipient of Sri Kandi Award

Yeoh Gim Suan is the daughter of an English language teacher. She was thus exposed to the language at a very tender age. During her secondary school days, she wrote simple poems and short articles  some of which won her prizes in competitions.

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